Winning Pitching Drills Softball DVD

Winning Pitching Drills Softball DVD
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Softball Pitching videos: Winning Pitching Drills DVD with Coach Linda Wells has something for pitchers at all levels! The first section, "Beginner Drills", works with the whole/part/whole wrist snaps, isolated wrist snaps, not isolated wrist snaps, arm circles, the three ball drills, and working with throwing to targets. "Intermediate Drills" work directly to spot pitching. All drills in the "Intermediate" section are designed to help a pitcher hit her spots and work towards being more consistent. The "Advanced Drills" section works specifically on throwing into your own glove and receiving signals from the catcher. Knowing what pitch you want to throw in specific situations is a key to being a successful pitcher and Wells will teach pitch selection in the advanced section. "Speed Drills", "Upper Body Drills", "Accuracy Drills", and "Lower Body Drills" are all also covered in this comprehensive drill video. The final section of this video covers working on different types of pitches such as the curve ball, drop ball, and change up.

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