Slap Hitting 101 Softball DVD

Slap Hitting 101 Softball DVD
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Softball Hitting DVD: Slap Hitting 101 DVD with Coach Linda Wells: Add or develop a dynamic component of your offense by utilizing and maximizing the slap-hitter. Coach Wells, with over 900 wins, has developed lethal offensive teams and has successfully utilized the slap-hitter as an offensive threat. In this video, Coach Wells has a former player and slap hitting specialist demonstrate and explain what it takes to become a successful slap hitter. They first discuss the process of converting and developing a slap hitter, advantages of slap hitting, and bat selection for slap hitters. Next, they discuss and demonstrate the sequencing of slap hitting by walking through the box positions, footwork, hand motion, body movement, types of slaps, making adjustments, and utilizing the fake slap and bunts. Coach Wells then shares multiple progression drills to develop and perfect the mechanics and timing of slap hitting using tee work, toss drills, and pitching machines. Slap hitters will learn how to effectively read the defense, gain bat control, put the ball down, and get down the line for team success!

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