Advanced Team Defense Drills for Softball DVD

Advanced Team Defense Drills for Softball DVD
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Softball Videos offers this great team defense drills video Advanced Team Defense Drills for Softball DVD by Coach Patty Gasso. Coach Gasso is the head coach of the University of Oklahoma, 3 Time Big 12 Coach of the Year and was the Coach for the 2000 National Champions.

Coach Patty Gasso teaches you how to expand your teams defense with some of her personal coaching drills she uses with her team. These softball drills include 24 challenging and quick paced drills that will help improve any teams defense. Use these drills for your infielders and outfielders to help increase their skills in fielding footwork, distance and conditioning. This softball training DVD includes great drills for warming up your team. Coach Gasso takes your team through a full circuit of warm up drills that include five different softball drills. She teaches some off-field drills like how to set up a reaction drill using a weighted glove, a leg workout using a slide board and a few wall ball softball drills. Once she takes the field Coach Gasso explains two different team drills for warming up. One is called Around the World which works great for infielders as well as outfielders for warming up and conditioning drills. The second softball drill is called Touch and Go which helps make a stronger athlete and maximize their range. These drills are perfect for pumping up your team before the game. The DVD also comes with some specific softball infield drills for your team. There are eight specific infield drills that Glasso uses with her players. These intricate softball drills will help your players in glove work, sliding while throwing, short hops, infield throwing range, throwing the softball while running and more. Outfielder Drills are another import aspect of the game that Glasso reviews in this softball DVD. She breaks down nine specific outfield softball drills to improve upon so that you will have a competent outfielding team. The nine outfield drills covered here are throwing to bases, ground ball fielding with backhand and forehand, footwork, playing the ball off the wall, recovering from a bad throw and hitting relays, getting the out in foul territory and taking good angels to the ball.

Winning over 700 games for the University of Oklahoma Coach Patty Gasso is a top elite softball coach whose team has national presence. The drills covered in this impressive DVD are what have help mold her team into the champions they are today. It is a great tool to add to your bag of tricks and help you have a successful winning team.

Item Number: SD-03630

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